Odrive 2 status and side by side comparison with Odrive V1?


It looks like Odrive V2 has gone stale. I’ve been wanting to reassess all my current cloud activity and split out what I want synced and what I want backed up, since I’ve been a user for quite some time before the backup capability existed. I was also hoping to get a side by side look at the two odrive products to see if now would also be a good time to make the switch over to the new client. Can someone point me in the right direction in getting some up to date information on the new version as well as perhaps a feature comparison list between the two?

Many thanks!

Hi @toupeiro,

Thanks for checking in regarding new developments here at Odrive.

As you probably already know, Backup is part of our Odrive 1 feature set, so you shouldn’t need to look at Odrive 2 for it.

The Odrive 2 Beta program from 2019 was discontinued a while ago, but we’ve kept the service running for users who signed up and wanted to keep using it.

We do not recommend that existing users on the Odrive platform try to move to or use the discontinued 2019 Odrive2 Beta unless there is something very specific that they need from it.

Accordingly, we’ve archived references to the old Odrive 2 Beta to prevent confusion or additional users from signing up for it accidentally.

While the 2019 Odrive 2 Beta line has no planned future development, we are definitely still planning on releasing new Odrive products in the near future. The best place to stay informed about any future products is on this forum since we prefer to preannounce new products here with a request for interested Beta users in advance of a public launch.

In the meantime, consider Odrive 1 as the most current released version of our software.


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