Odrive 2 Local File Cache location - can it be changed?



Hello Odrive peoples!

May I first preclude by stating how much I love your software, Odrive 1 has been fantastic for my uses so far.

I just started using Odrive2 just today and due to my hardware configuration I need to have its sync and local file cache of my cloud storage be saved to a hard drive other than default (C:/) so if there is a way to do this in Odrive 2, I would massively appreciate it! Seeing how I’ve been able to set it up with Odrive1 I’m sure there’s something I’m missing!


Hi @arthur.stanciu,
Currently it is not possible to change the odrive2 desktop app cache location, but I believe it is something that will come in the future.

If you setup a sync folder, using the odrive2 sync feature, you can specify that to be wherever you like. For example, if you drag a folder from the odrive2 desktop app into your D:\ drive, you can specify to ‘Setup Sync’ between those folders.