O-drive disconnected from Amazon Drive

Was trying to access some new files from my laptop at home and my new work hadn’t been uploaded to Amazon drive. At the office, looking through my file structure, none of my folders or files had O-Drive icons next to them. O-Drive was running and said “ready to sync”. I clicked Manage Storage and it took me to my online account. Under “Storage” there was nothing but the “+ Link Storage” link. I linked it to Amazon Drive, but this didn’t change anything on my computer (Mac Pro, OS 10.3.3). In the right click menu, when I click “Sync to Odrive” it tells me, “Unable to sync [My folder structure] - Already in O-Drive Folder.” But it’s not. My new work is not synced to O-Drive. When I click “Open O-Drive folder”, there’s only one thing in it, “Amazon Cloud Drive.cloudf”. Inside of that is nothing.

What happened and how can I get all of my files reconnected?

On a separate topic, my Amazon Drive root folder (on the web access) keeps having hundreds of files outside of folders that are random DNG (photo) files. I’m not sure where they’re coming from, and I’ve just been deleting them. They are images that I’ve uploaded but the names are long and crazy, not what I’ve named them. I recently deleted them, so I don’t have a name example.

Hi @scottfoto,
It sounds like maybe odrive on your work computer is connected to the wrong odrive account, somehow.

I would recommend making a copy of your unsaved work somewhere so we know its safe before continuing to troubleshoot. I don’t want to risk that data being lost if we try to uninstall, or whatever the fix might entail.

Are you able to see your linked Amazon Drive on your home system?
When you look at the information under “Authorized User” on your work computer, does it match what you are expecting and does it match what you see on your home computer?

As for the random files in Amazon Drive, take a look at this thread. It sounds like what you are seeing:

To clarify one point, I don’t use O-drive on my laptop/home computer. I generally don’t need to upload from it, just pull files from the Amazon Drive application.

I have my files backed up on physical drives in my work office.

I’m not sure what you mean by linked Amazon Drive on my home system (I’m assuming this goes to my first point).

Where is the “Authorized User” dialogue on my work computer?

Hi @scottfoto,
You can find it in the odrive menu. You should see the odrive icon in your menu bar on the Mac (infinity symbol). Can you also click on Send Diagnostic -> Send Report too?

Diagnostic Sent. The only authorized user is the correct login for amazon.

Hi @scottfoto,
I took a look. You have several “sync to odrive” folders defined, but they are currently in an “Invalid” state. This can be because the local folders have been renamed or moved, or the remote folders have been renamed or moved.

You can see these in the odrive menu under “Sync to odrive”. If you click on them it should give you more information. You may need to re-link these folders to their proper locations in the cloud.

When you navigate to the odrive folder (select “Open odrive folder” from the odrive menu), you should see the Amazon Cloud Drive placeholder folder. If you double-click on that it should show you the contents of your Amazon Drive. I just want to make sure this is the case so we can validate the link.

I’ve unsynced all the “invalid” folders and tried to resync. It works on it for a bit, then it goes back to invalid. Sending you another diagnostic.

Hi @scottfoto,
The diagnostics look okay, from what I can see. I only see one “sync to odrive” folder defined. It is /Volumes/DSCP RAID 0/Personal/18 and it is actively syncing at the time of the diagnostic.

There were a few Amazon Drive errors (network-related), but things seem to be moving with active uploads.

Keep in mind that you may need to let odrive do its things for a while. It will need to reindex everything at that location and sync any differences. Depending on the amount of data this could take a while. It is best to let it do that without messing with it too much.

Are you saying that it turned to “invalid” and you removed it? I don’t see any “invalid” folders in the diagnostic.

/Volumes/DSCP RAID 0/Personal/18 is syncing, but I’ve added a new folder inside, 03.28 San Rafael Swell, that doesn’t look like it’s syncing. When I right click and say Sync Folder, it says, Unexpected error. Please Try again later.

I told /Volumes/DSCP RAID 0/DSCP Business/18 to sync, and it looked like it was working for a while. Then I checked “Sync to Odrive” in the menu and it said “Open 18 Folder [Invalid]”. I deleted this and tried again. A new one has not shown up. I have not tried again since (a couple hours).

Hi @scottfoto,
These are intensive operations, especially if you have lots of data to go through. I would recommend adding one “sync to odrive” folder at a time, waiting for each one to finish syncing (wait for odrive to become idle with nothing syncing or pending sync) before adding another.

The error you saw on the new folder when trying to manually sync it is because odrive hasn’t indexed it yet. It is still working on going through the items that were already in that location. It may take a while to get to any new content that you add.