Not Allowed to sync


I have 500+ files that are generated from a 3rd party application and uploaded to Google Drive. They were formatted as “YYYY-MM-DD HH_MM_SS SWDC x”, so basically with date time then the bus number we are using (This is x). All the files are reporting as unsyncable. I have reformatted the software to remove the ‘-’'s from the date so it is now “DDMMYYYY HH_MM_SS SWDC x” and I have the same issues. I have read online about leading and trailing spaces (can’t find any) and the use of the \ or / can cause problems, but that is not in here either.

Any other thoughts on why just these files will not sync?



Hi @russell2,
Are these files listed in the not allowed list in the odrive menu?

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so we can take a closer look?

Yes they are - I am sending the diagnostic file now.

Hi @russell2,
Can you try sending again? We didn’t receive the diagnostic, unfortunately.

Yes sir, just sent it again.

Hi @russell2,
It still hasn’t come through. I’m not sure what’s going on here, but can you try to restart odrive, wait a couple of minutes, and then resend?

Can you also post a screenshot of an example file as it appears in the odrive web client?

Another thing to look at: When a file is displayed on the web (Google Drive’s webclient or odrive’s) the leading or ending spaces that may be there are not shown. You have to select the file and choose to rename it, which will bring up a rename box. At that point you will see the extra spaces that were not shown in the normal listing.

Sorry for the trouble!

Here is what it looks like once I have manually copied it over.

And heres the error and the online portal into oDrive

Hi @russell2,
Thanks for the screenshots!

In the above pic those filenames have : in their names. Windows won’t allow a : in filenames, so that must be what is preventing it here.

You are spot on - I have manipulated the filenames so that the ‘:’ are not in the time and the sync started to work again.

My only big head scratching moment is where are the “:” coming from. When it is saved into Google Drive they are saved as “HH_MM_SS”

Hi @russell2,
Yes that is odd. When you look at it from the Google Drive web client, do you see : or _?

Here is a good example - this picture shows my local drive showing the ‘_’ but oDrive shows ‘:’ for the exact same files and path.

Now I am even more confused :frowning:

Hi @russell2,
Can you tell me about this S: drive?
Is this a networked/external drive, or some application-created drive?
If this is a networked drive, it may be possible that the host is performing some sort of character translation or substitution to allow these characters to be used by Windows, but when odrive tries to interact with them, they are not being translated in the same way.

Do these files look the same when you look at them (DIR) from a windows command prompt?