Not Allowed to sync folders

Hi guys,

I’m trying to sync to OneDrive but some folders are ending up the Not Allowed group. The error message is:

The file/folder could not be modified.

Please advise.


Hi @tom1,
Is this in a shared folder? If so there is a limitation with the OneDrive Shared folders that doesn’t allow upload (download is fine). It was a limitation of their API. We are currently going through all of our integrations now and looking at whether we can improve this behavior now.

For this particular case I have suggested using odrive Spaces, as an alternative, if you would like to take a look and see if it could fit your use case:

Hi Tony,

No, it is not a shared folder - although it is on a external drive in the laptop CD tray.

The MS OneDrive client can sync with the folder.

Do you have anything else I can try?


Hi @tom1,
If the external drive is read-only, or has permissions such that odrive can’t write to it, that could cause this issue, as well. Does odrive have the ability to modify the files/folders on this external drive?