Not Allowed Error syncing to Amazon Drive (was working fine)

I researched the ‘Not Allowed’ topics here but none seem to apply. I am syncing with Amazon drive successfully for some time. Then it stopped (not sure when). In researching ODrive is displaying a Not Allowed for my file D:\odrive\pictures, which is the one folder I have sync’d to Amazon drive and has been working.

Error says says ‘Files/folders cannot be uploaded to this folder’. How do I resolve this error?
Amazon trash folder is empty. I do not see a trash folder on odrive. (per other post). I have the basic (free) version.

I did get a new computer and things seemed to work after that but it may have been the new computer install that is causing the issue. I installed odrive and configured like my old computer (i thought).


Hi @trent.wong,
It looks like you have your odrive folder moved to D:\odrive, is this correct?

You cannot add files or folders directly to the root of the odrive folder, since that area is reserved for only storage links. The pictures folder would need to be inside a linked storage folder, like “Amazon Cloud Drive”.

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so that we can take a closer look?

Sent the diagnostic.

Moving the folder seems to have fixed the problem.


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Great! Thanks for confirming.