Not all files deleted from Amazon or more files on Amazon than in my oDrive

As there is a limit on the amount of video I can store on my free Amazon Drive I tend to move the videos from the oDrive folder each time I reach the 5Gb limit but it seems that not all files have been deleted from the Amazon Drive.

A search on my Mac shows 1 video on my oDrive folder yet on Amazon it says there are 64. If I search my Mac for some of the video files still on Amazon Drive they are on my Mac but not in the oDrive folder.

I can see this problem easily with video as Amazon Drive makes it clear but I’ve no idea how many other sync error there are amongst 80,000 images.

Trash is set not to empty but I’ve emptied trash manually and I am not unsyncing any folders, I am using Amazon Drive as a one way sync of images.

I’ve updated to the latest oDrive software this morning but that does not seem to have made any difference.

How can I get things back into sync?

Hi @irwmain,
Let’s concentrate on a specific set of files, so we can focus our efforts.

Can you pick out on folder that is showing a difference and take a couple of screenshots, showing what you see in odrive on the odrive desktop client, the odrive web client, and what you see using the Amazon Drive web client?

Can you also send a diagnostic from the odrive menu?


Hi, in trying to do this I found what appears to be corruption or confusion on the Amazon Drive. There is a movie in a folder that no longer exists, let me explain.

I search there is one file returned. If I click the little icon show the file in a folder it jumps to

All > Emily > ECW > Pictures

This Pictures folder is shown as having 629 images

If I then work my way backup the breadcrumbs to All there is not an Emily folder in All (the root), there is a folder called Emily LR Images when than can be followed to ECW then Pictures to gives

All > Emily LR Pictures > ECW > Pictures

This Pictures folder is shown as having 839 images and is not there

The equivalent folder on my iMac also has 839 images and also does not contain

I’ve moved a lot of files around this weekend and at sometime I think that what is now ‘Emily LR Images’ was in fact, at some point, called ‘Emily’.

It seems that Amazon still has a version of the folder somewhere which it is counting, which explains why the movie(s) can still exist even though it appears you cannot navigate to it.

The file in question does not exist on my iMac in the folder as Emily > ECW > Pictures is not a folder on my iMac, nor is it a folder that is available using the oDrive web interface.

Hopefully this help

Regards, Ian

Hi @irwmain,
Can you look at the Amazon Trash from the Amazon web client? It’s possible that there are items that are showing up in searches that are actually tagged as deleted, or the parent folder is tagged as deleted.

I have seen some odd behavior with Amazon Drive’s trash, and how it tracks its trashed items. Maybe there is an Emily folder in the trash that is being picked up on a search?

Tony, hi

There is an Emily folder in Trash but unless I restore it there is no way of telling what is in it, is there?

I cannot see the example movie in Trash, but there are hundreds of other movie files in trash which I’d expect. If I search for one of them they are not being returned in the search indicating that Trash is being ignored in the search, perhaps it isn’t?

My next step might be empty the Trash, but have not done this yet in case you had any further suggestions that required the Trash folder.

Also, do you know why there are huge gaps in the file listing when scrolling through a large number of files. It seems it is listing all the files in the correct order just with huge gaps. I’ve tried Safari and Chrome on my iMac and Safari on my iPad and the problem exists on all three.

Thank you for your help

Hi @irwmain,
In this case, I would restore that Emily folder, just to verify that the file found during the search was the one in the trash. I have a feeling it will be.

As for file odrive folder listings on the web (you are talking about the odrive webclient and not the Amazon Drive web client, correct?), the listing is progressively paged and may not come in in a sorted order. This means the gaps you see are likely just files that will be listed as you continue to scroll down.

Hi @Tony

So restoring the Emily folder did indeed bring back a number of sub-folders, including one with the target movie file in. I’ve now deleted it again and the number of movies shown in Managed Storage has dropped significantly which suggests there are now 21 other movies which are being counted in the quota from Trash.

Now if I search for the file it is still returned in the results but this time when I go to the containing folder I can work my way back up the trail but not down it, it disappears once I get to the root as quite rightly it does not exist.

So I still have my problem but no easily way of resolving it as it seems there is some corruption somewhere.

No, it is the Amazon web client that is paging with gaps.

Thank you for your support.


Hi @irwmain,
Thanks for the follow-up.

There may be some tracking issues with the deleted data, where old references have not been cleaned-up properly on Amazon’s side, leading to these dangling files/folders that still count against your overall storage. Another user reported that, after downloading and clearing out everything in their Amazon Drive (they were migrating off), Amazon Drive still reported several GB of data “stored”.

If you are sure the items listed in the Amazon Drive Trash are ones you do not need, you can try emptying the trash to see if the storage allocation is correctly reflected and the dangling references are cleaned up.

As for the paging gaps, I can’t really say. Do you see the proper listing in the odrive desktop client when looking at the same folder?


This morning the number of videos and other has dropped overnight to 4 & 2 respectively, perhaps Amazon is running some house keeping type jobs.

If I look in Photos > Videos it is showing me 4 videos that I do not think should be there, I can search for them so could try a restore but the app does not tell me which folder they are in.

My plan now is to leave things alone, let Amazon empty the trash as it does normally over time and keep an eye on things.

The paging with gaps problem does not seem to exist when browsing using the odrive web app so must be an amazon thing.

It all does seem a little flaky but as I’m only syncing one-way and it still seems to have all my images I’m going to leave it well alone, this is not my only backup, I have three other copies, local HD, Time Machine and a frequent HD clone.

Thank you for your support

Thanks for the follow-up @irwmain. Hopefully Amazon will sort out the discrepancies soon.