No Sync Folders Registered

After a recent restart (mac Mojave 10.14.6) Odrive is now giving me a “No Sync Folders Registered” and nothing is syncing

Hi @michaelbenford,
Is your default odrive folder still working as expected?

It sounds like you had some “sync to odrive” folders registered and they are no longer registered, for some reason, is that correct?

How many folders did you have setup?
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so that I can take a look at the current configuration?

In general you should be able to setup the same folders again using the “sync-to-odrive” feature. odrive will scan through the local and remote folders and determine what is already synced, but I would like to see if we can figure out why the relationships disappeared.

Thanks. correct i ahd a folder registered and now it is not registered. I Just sent the diagnostics. It was essential one root folder that had several sub folders. the root folder was title _The Ark if that helps when reviewing diagnostics., thank you

Hi @michaelbenford,
Unfortunately I don’t see anything that would point to a reason and no mention of the external folder. This is only expected to happen if you were using “Sync to odrive” during the trial period and then the trial period expired (“Sync to odrive is a Premium feature”).

Can you try setting up the sync again on that folder? It may take a while for odrive to scan through it, depending on the amount of data, but it should work just fine.

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