"No Options Available" Upload to Google Drive

I am trying to transfer documents from a dropbox account to a google drive account via the Odrive Folder. While the odrive folder indicates that I can, and have, fully synced the folders, the files are not getting uploaded to drive. The main folders that actually contain the data I want uploaded have the following message of “No Options Available” when I right click on them, and thus nothing is actually getting uploaded to drive.

Hi Jool,

So you’ve done the following?

  1. Link your google drive and dropbox accounts in odrive. Your odrive dropbox folder will be in a location such as C:\Users\Me\odrive\Dropbox and your odrive google drive folder will be in a location such as C:\Users\Me\odrive\Google Drive.
  2. Make sure the files in the particular odrive dropbox folder that you want to move are all synchronized and also fully downloaded (not placeholder files)… so everything should have a green checkmark, including anything in subfolders.
  3. You can then copy & paste those files from your odrive dropbox location to your odrive google drive destination folder location.

After doing step 3, those files should sync up to google drive fine (at which point you can delete them from your odrive dropbox folder).

If you’ve done the above and it’s not working, would it be possible to describe any deviations from the procedure above and to provide screenshots of what you’re seeing?