No files synced to amazon drive (folder empty)

hi have set up sync to amazon drive , odrive only copies the folder and subfolders but not the files themselves , when i sync individual files or indiviual folders they are copied

Hi @andrew.leahy,
Can you provide some additional information so I can clearly understand?

It sounds like you created a sync to odrive folder to sync to Amazon Drive. Is that correct?
You are seeing that only the folders are showing up on Amazon Drive?
You said that syncing individual files works. Can you clarify what actions you are taking to do that?
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu?

Something to note. If the local folder you are trying to sync to Amazon Drive is very large, odrive can take a long time to scan and sync the contents. During this time you may see that all of the folders in the structure are laid down, and then odrive will start syncing the files. Could this be what you are seeing, and odrive is still in the process of scanning and placing the folder structure?