No error report with Google Drive folder trailing whitespace



I have a folder in my Google Drive account that isn’t showing up in local. I’m running Windows 10.

The name of the folder is Formula SAE, so it has the illegal whitespace that causes a sync failure.

From this forum thread, it appeared that better diagnostic things were going to be implemented for these issues. Just wanted to let the admins know what this issue wasn’t reported.

Let me know if you guys need anymore information.


Hi @jrwrigh.iii,
The implementation referred to in that thread was speaking of odrive2, which is still in development. However, we may have a change coming soon for odrive1 that will expose these occurrences in the “not allowed” list in the odrive menu. More testing needs to be done around this since it involves a fundamental change to the flow (these files were ignored completely before, but now they will be processed in some way to allow them to be shown).

I will update here when I have more info on this change.