New Web and Desktop Releases... with new features! (03-14-2016)

Hi all,

This release gives you some more handy tools for the toolbox. If you want to try them out right away, download the new desktop client from Otherwise, hang on tight, and we’ll push an autoupdate over the next day or two.

DESKTOP (Win v5080 / Mac v5122):

New Features:

  1. Auto Unsync (part of Unsync add-on): we will automatically unsynchronize your files, turning them back into placeholders, after a set time. You can choose Never (default), 1 day, 1 week, or 1 month time.
  2. Bandwidth Throttling (part of PRO add-on): set your upload and download throttling separately. It’s a simple Unlimited / Normal / Limited option. If you’re streaming movies and want to cut downloads by odrive, set Download to Limited until you’re done. :wink:
  3. Auto Empty Trash (part of PRO add-on): we will automatically sync your local deletes to the remote source. You can set it to sync deletes Immediately or after a time period of either 15 min, 1 hour, or 1 day.

Other Changes:
4. Right-click --> Share Space. Now it’s even easier to share your odrive folders collaboratively.
5. When dragging in new folders with subfolders, we’ll finish uploading files from one subfolder before proceeding to the next one.
6. We won’t sync files from remote to local when files have illegal filenames on the local desktop client OS anymore (e.g. if you have a file in remote source with Windows illegal names, you won’t see them on a Windows desktop client). Previous we corrected file names with underscores, but this created a mismatch from local to remote views. *
7. Some sources support multiple files with same name in same path. When we see this situation in the remote source, we will no longer try to translate/deduplicate the names in the local desktop sync client. You’ll only see one (newest version with same name). *
8. Instagram bug fixes (UTF-8 hastag folders and others)
9. Other bug fixes

Regarding items 6 and 7, it seems as if our intelligent handling was really cool but underappreciated and confusing. :stuck_out_tongue: If you want to see your files on local, make the correction to the file name on the remote source.


This release contains policy changes to support the new features on desktop.

Thanks, and stay tuned for even more good stuff soon…