New folders and new files


I can create a new folder and it syncs with the amazon cloud, but any files created under this new folder don’t appear on the cloud. Also, right click on the files doesn’t show “sync” option.

How can I sync files in new folders?


Hi @raajee,

Can you please elaborate the issue, you are experiencing in syncing the files. As per my understanding;

  1. You are logged into the app and app is running.
  2. You have Amazon Cloud Drive folder in expanded state.
  3. You creates a new folder and it correctly syncs from local to remote (e.g. from desktop to amazon cloud drive)
  4. When you add files into the newly created folder, none of the file syncs from local to remote (e.g. from desktop to amazon cloud drive)? also right-click odrive menu options are not available against individual files but it is appearing against the newly created folder?

To better understand the situation can you please let us know the file names (recommended: to post screen shot of your odrive folder where files are not syncing / odrive right click context menu is not available).

By any chance, have you looked at odrive tray menu to confirm files are not appearing in “Not Allowed” list?



Thanks for the note. Interestingly, the files are syncing now after I restart the machine. I read in another thread someone stating a similar problem was fixed when they restarted o-drive. I had to restart the machine anyway since I installed a new OS update.


Great, glad to know you have already sorted it out