New desktop and web releases today! (04-11-2016)

Hello again, fellow odrivers!

We’ve got a new batch of improvements for you all.

DESKTOP (Win v5203 / Mac v5246):

  • Allow removal of Folder Sync Rule by unchecking box
  • Move operation tracking improvements
  • Windows sync clients: less aggressive OS file locking by odrive
  • Office file editing behavior improvements
  • Fix for issue where user created a Folder Sync Rule on top-level Encryptor and would not display a newly created Encryption folder. (Encrypted folders not syncing to my odrive folder)
  • Tray menu fixes that certain users were encountering (primarily Oxygen Cloud users that had not set their profile information yet).

Please grab the new build from for now until we push the build to our autoupdater.


  • Refresh button for web client file browsing, gallery, open in web preview, and share link views.
  • Premium plan purchasing error handling updates.
  • Updates to Links pages: Instagram, Gmail, Facebook.