"Never download"?

I was disappointed that they had started charging for this feature a month or two ago. I was on the fence about paying (was it $40 I think?) because I am a personal user paying $60 a year for my storage and it seemed really costly to pay nearly that much just to add a single bit of functionality that was just free a few days before I discovered this program.

I just came back now to see this subscription, but am I correct that I can no longer just buy this? I have to spend $99 and buy every other feature too? Because now I went from paying $40 compared to the $60 cost of my storage to now paying MORE and for features that I am not even interested in.

I basically want something as basic as the free version, but not have it downloading constantly every time I open a folder. Being able to navigate and see the files/folders but only downloading what I tell it to. Sort of like Microsoft OneDrives “keep offline” options.

I am kind of confused what I need to do this?

I was excited when I saw a thread about how they had rethought the business model, but unless I am mistaken, this is a giant increase for someone like me correct?

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By default odrive is set to never download. It is possible that your setting is at a different state, depending on when you started using odrive. What do you see listed under the Auto Download Limit in the odrive tray menu? Our default is “Never Download” Which means only placeholders will be created when expanding a folder.

If, for some reason, yours is set to something other than that and you are unable to change it, deauthorizing (Authorized User -> Deauthorize) and re-logging in should reset it. Keep in mind that deauthorizing will make a backup of your current odrive directory and create a new one with only placeholders to start.

ahhhhh ok that makes so much more sense.

Mine was set to “always download” and it would not let me select “never download” without being forwarded to the premium page. Thanks