Network connection

I have discovered that once Odrive is working my computer and all my other computers that connected to my router are having a huge slowdown in the upload speed. A connectivity test in Speedtest shows normal download but almost no upnload speed and a very slow ping(around 300).

Is it a normal behaviour?

Hi @lioravitan,
It depends on what odrive is doing. If it is uploading data then this is expected. It can also have an impact if it is scanning through a lot of data.

Can you tell me what you have odrive doing during this time?

I sync it to my bakup Hdd, I guess it is a lot of information to scan.
I had the Idea that once I add a new folder Odrive will sync it automayicaly, but than again it is a growing folder and it is a lot of informayion to scan.

Hi @lioravitan,
Yes, if you are actively uploading a files then it will definitely impact your upload speeds, in general. odrive will sync automatically, but it may take quite a bit of time to finish uploading all of the data.