Network connection stuck after wake

On my Mac laptop, more often than not, odrive is unable to make a network connection until I quit and restart it. If I try to use one of the options, like Manage Links, it shows an error dialog of “Please check your network settings”.

I think that odrive is not properly detecting the active network interface when the system wakes up but is attempting to hold onto whatever interface it was using before the laptop was put to sleep. It may or may not be the same interface as I often switch between wired ethernet and wifi.

Back in the old forums, I posted a request asking for better notifications of the odrive status. It is better now but here is another one to add. If odrive does not have a working network connection, change the icon color to red or light gray or overlay a :warning: icon.

It just happened so before I restarted odrive, I selected the option to send diagnostics. Since it is unable to make a network connection I’m not sure if it sent it off or not. Again, please display some kind of notification, like change the menu option from “Send Diagnostics” to “Sending…” and then “Sent Diagnostics”.

Thanks for the report. I’d like to get to the bottom of this so that a restart of odrive is not needed. We’ll perform some testing in this area. Do you think it is happening when the network interface is switched after sleep, while odrive is running?

I’m not sure when/why it is happening. Could be when it goes to sleep and the interface is taken down or after a wake and the interface is re-established. If you hang on to a secure connection and the laptop gets a new IP after waking up, the connection could be seen as no longer secure but odrive doesn’t re-authenticate. There are just so many possibilities to this issue.

Could you enable some debug logging that we can see? send it to syslog so it appears in the system.log file. If odrive would log events like sleep/wake notifications, what interface it is using, and what the network problems are instead of just ‘check the connection’ then I could give you a better idea of what is going on.

and just a bit more info on this issue. It just happened again on my laptop, which has a static IP address and is configured only for wifi to a specific network. So it wasn’t a problem of getting assigned a different IP address or different network.
Simply it was working, I put the system to sleep by closing the lid, then a day or two later, I open the laptop and any network use by odrive fails. Other similar services (like Dropbox) properly reconnect and sync.

As before, I selected the option to send diagnostics then quit/restart odrive and it is working properly again.
This time I was running build 5220. After restart, it upgraded to 5227.

Hope this helps and I look forward to having this problem fixed.


This is something I am digging into.

@Tony, any update on this issue?
Every time I use my laptop, I have to quit odrive and restart it then wait for it to sync. That is if I remember to do it.

odrive appears to be working and I see the blue checks in the file listing. If I make changes to any monitored files/folders, they never sync. If I attempt to download an unsynced file, I get the error dialog which reminds me to restart the service.

If you can’t get to the root cause of the issue, can you add in a heartbeat feature that if it can’t reach the cloud service but it can get internet (ping response from then to automatically destroy the network connection object and recreate it?

Uggh. Sorry, I missed this earlier. This is something I was never able to reproduce in-house. I will take another pass with a few different laptops to see if I have better luck.

Are you able to reproduce consistently this by just having your laptop sleep and then wake, or does it requires a certain amount of time to pass in sleep mode before you can repro? I’m wondering if the system has to enter stand-by/hibernation to hit this (although I tried to test against this too without success).

I have the laptop configured to only light sleep so it doesn’t do standby/hibernation. I only use the laptop in the evening after work so it has been sitting in sleep for about 18 hours, although it has been as short as only a couple of hours. It is reproducible as it happens almost every night.

I just wanted to update you. I haven’t been able to see your issue, but I know it can happen and have seen a couple of other reports of it.

I have created a dev item to try to proactively address the possibility of the network “dying”, although it may not come around for a while. I just didn’t want to leave you hanging with no response.