Needs to work in Mavericks

The app needs to work in Mavericks, its useless if it doesnt since Mavericks was the last decent OS to come from apple.

You really need to be clear about what your customers are doing with your app. don’t tell us we are going to download the app then take us to a sign in page, it looks dodgy. tell us you will take us to a sign in page to get an api from the company we are going to connect with that will be built into the app which we will then download.

oh and you might want to be CLEAR about what o/s your app works with before you MAKE us sign in, what a waste of time!
but seriously, if you cant build it for mavericks, i wont be using it!!!

Thanks for your feedback, especially regarding your sign in flow sentiments.

We do mention you need to be on OS X 10.10 or higher in our docs page (where you go to download the installer). Unfortunately we won’t be supporting Mavericks since it’s off Apple’s main support list; Apple will only be issuing critical security updates but no other updates to that version of OS X. I’d recommend updating for your own sake.

Good luck, and I hope you find what you’re looking for.

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Hi @dropbox02,
Please also take a look at this topic regarding Mavericks support and the reasons why we do not officially support it anymore:

odrive will run on Mavericks, but it will be missing the Finder integrations, although I do offer an alternate method that, while not as elegant, may work for your needs. You can find that further on in the above thread: