Need understanding of how to use

I thought I was fairly technically proficient but not so sure anymore. I downloaded odrive from Amazon and have it installed but don’t understand what is happening. I uploaded many files from my file server to Amazon storage and I can see the files when I click on odrive in my Finder. I want to work on my files on my file server. If I do so, does odrive automatically sync the changes, moves, deletes, etc. with Amazon? This is what I want to happen but don’t know what to do to make it happen. I can’t seem to find anything like a user manual. Bottom line - I don’t get what odrive does or how to use it. Can someone help me out? Thanks, Frank

Can you provide more precise details about what you’re trying to do? Let me see if I’ve got it right… please make any corrections.

You have a Mac laptop, a file server of some sort (Windows? Linux? Mac?), and an Amazon account. You’ve installed the odrive client onto your Mac laptop. You have previously somehow uploaded files from your file server to Amazon somehow. However, these are just copies. So you have one copy of the same files on Amazon and another copy on your file server. You can use odrive on your Mac laptop to see files on Amazon, but making changes to files on your Mac laptop in odrive will only sync changes to Amazon… your files on your file server remain as they are.

…and what you really want to do is:
(A) Use odrive to sync files on your laptop with the files on your file server.
(B) Additionally, you want your files on the file server to sync with Amazon.

Is the above correct?

Can I also ask why you want to keep the file server around at all (rather than just migrating everything to the cloud)? Backup purposes?