Need help with adding file/ folder, wont sync


so according to my understanding from your guide, to upload a file/folder, i simply have to drag into an expanded folder and it should start to sync automatically. but its not working.

i’ve right clicked the folder to “sync”, but there was no sync symbol. so i tried to sync the root folder (Gdrive) and when i try to unsync it it says that some files will be deleted permanently because theyre not synced.

i 've set the automatic synced to stopped, do i need to turn it on to be able to upload files/folders automatically?

You are correct. This should be working without any action needed from you other than placing the files into the folder.

Do you see anything listed in “Waiting”, “Not Allowed”, or “Syncing”?

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu and give me the path of the folder?


never mind it’s working now. thanks for the swift reply anyway.

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