Multiple Clients to same Sync Location

i have 3 questions.

  1. i have a network storage to which all laptops/pcs in the house have access.
    right now, only 1 laptop has ODrive installed and syncs to the network drive.
    is it possible to have multiple ODrive installations (on each laptop/pc in the house) all linked to the same account and synced to the same network location? so that i can sync/manage to network folder from any pc i happen to work at?

  2. i want to schedule a complete sync (currently i have the free subscription which means in order to sync new files i need to manually sync) of my ODrive folder. can it be done via command line / batch script or do i have to right click the odrive folder, choose sync and everything?

  3. tried to solve 2 using ODrive CLI functionality, however, i have files/folders with non unicode names (specifically hebrew characters) which fail the script. is there a workaround for this?

thanks for all those who wish to assist me!


Hi @eladrichi,
Thanks for reaching out.

  1. This is not supported. It can be done, but we do not test this scenario and I expect you would get some strange behavior. Here are some more lengthy thoughts on this type of a setup: Multiple Instances on a computer - #4 by Tony

  2. The best way to keep everything in sync is with “folder sync rules”, which is a Premium feature. Sync Source Changes

You can use the CLI to script tasks. You can find resources on the CLI on these pages:

  1. Where are these failing? Do you have any sample output to look at?