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this question relates to using symbolic links on Linux-like platforms

I’m wondering what best practices would be for a situation where the following exists:

The need to have a single save folder from the application’s perspective
To use two cloud hosts (say dropbox / google drive)
To have this single folder synched to both cloud locations with odrive.

–This first part I think is easy (but correct me if I’m wrong). Because Odrive creates separate directory trees for each hosting account with the fork beginning in the “odrive” directly You would simply create a symlink (I’m on a Mac) from one or the other of the directories over to the mirror in the other provider tree. For example link the directory /User/whatever/odrive/Google Drive/Billy/fooMIRROR to the /User/whatever/odrive/Dropbox/bill/fooMIRROR . This way, from the Apllications perspective you would be saving in one folder but getting dual uploads happening.

NOW ILL MUDDY THE WATER - (and for clarity: I realize that each hosting service has its own way of doing version control and I haven’t settled on my choices yet, but for this thread let’s stuck with those solutions that allow a “make this version current” so to speak. As opposed to, say Google Drive that does give a version history, but requires you to download the older version manual. I’m not interested in that—and in this context the answer would be self-evident (just overwrite the local file)z

Here’s where I think I need help. When implementing versioning on one or the other platforms. if I roll back a version on one of the platforms will that translate back to the host computer, and thus, through the symlink, cause a change to be pushed out to the other host storage platform.

Just wondering. If there is a better solution to using “dual-homed, mirrored” storage with version control with odrive. That’s really what I’m looking for here.

thanks in advance!


I am using MultCloud for something similar.

I will have a primary cloud storage account via odrive that I use for synching the data, then scheduled one-way copies on MultCloud from that provider to various other archival accounts.


Hi @matthew.nickerson,

Well to start off odrive requires a one to one mapping, so you cannot sync two different clouds to a single folder. We used to offer something similar in the past but it created far too much confusion.

We generally don’t recommend using symlinks due to all the complexities involved, and is not something we officially support. Tony has some good info on the pitfalls here and throughout that thread:

But that’s not to say we haven’t had some more advanced users get things working the way they envision, but it can result in data loss if not done correctly!

The symlink issue in your use case is more about having two separate sync records for what is essentially the same local folder. It may work okay, but it will be a true mirror, in all directions, and not a backup. So any change, on any side, will propagate to all sides, which may not be your desired outcome.