Moving files, moves some, leaves others behind

Re-trying this product after a few years hiatus. I am noticing, very frequently that when I try and move a number of files from one folder to another (same Cloud provider, G Suite) that it moves some, leaves others. And in some other cases it copies some files instead (leaving a copy in the original place).

Sent diagnostics a moment ago but would appreciate any insight.

Hi @jan,
Moves can be tricky.

Since odrive can only look at the local filesystem to determine what happened it has to interpret a move (it sees that a file has been removed from one location and added to another and tries to match them up, if possible). It does its best to optimize this as a move but sometimes it can miss that optimization and picks things up as a delete and add. This could be some of what you are seeing.

Things that can affect this:
Moving lots of files/folders around in a short period of time
Moving files/folders while odrive is busy syncing other areas (scanning, uploading, downloading, etc)

Do you have some paths that I can look for in the diagnostic along with what the expected result was vs. the actual result? I can try to pinpoint what happened in those specific cases.

Hi Tony. I was moving a handful of files (5-ish) from one directory in a Team drive to another directory in the same Team drive. Both synced locally.

I would think this is a fairly easy scenario to process, which is why it was a real bummer when I saw it occur within a handful of hours.

Hi @jan,
Yeah, a 5-file move shouldn’t be an issue. That should be picked up pretty easily unless there was a large background scan going on that delayed the pick-up.

Are you able to reproduce the behavior? If so I would like to see a diagnostic after the moves are processed.

Hi Tony.

I’ve uninstalled odrive since I am back on the native Google client (which has its own issues as I’m sure you are well aware!). I generally enjoy the debugging process, but this time around I may just revisit later. The problem was very reproducible, happening about 30% of the time during my use.

Haven’t ruled out reinstalling and giving it a go later on - will update if appropriate.

Thanks for the follow-up @jan.