Modify/Creation dates not preserved when uploading to Amazon Drive


I’ve copied a folder with some image files to Amazon Drive using ODrive - however, when I look at the Amazon Drive web client - the modification/creation times are all wrong (they’re set to the time the files were uploaded). And I did verify that the creation / last modified dates were indeed correct when on the local harddrive (they were set to a few months ago).
Note: I’m using the MacOS client (El Capitan) + latest ODrive client (build 6110).

Just saw this response on an older thread by Tony:

Modified dates will only show properly when using odrive (the odrive desktop client or the odrive web client). This is because we use custom fields to provide the modified time. Since Amazon does not provide it on its own, and it doesn’t read our value, their apps will not display the modified time.

So does that mean that if in the future, assuming I have an empty folder and wish to restore those files (download them), the ODrive client will create those files with the original creation/modification times?

Hi @budowski,
Yes, as long as the files were uploaded with odrive and you download them with odrive, your original mod times will be preserved.

Great, thanks for the quick response! :slight_smile:

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