Maintain sync state with new OS

Hi there.

I was syncing about 4 TB with my iMac to Amazon Cloud Drive. Then, my crappy 2009 Imac bit the biscuit and is completely dead.

How can I take my external drive and hook it to a brand new Mac and continue syncing? (without uploading the existing Amazon files already…that took about 2 weeks already!).


Were you using pro sync or was the odrive folder moved to the external hard drive?

What happened is I wanted to backup my external drive into the cloud. So I installed ODrive and moved the Odrive folder to the external drive (outside of the folders I was backing up).

I would transfer 25 files to the odrive folder…they would sync and upload…then I would UNSYNC those files from the odrive folder (otherwise I would just have duplicates of my files…1 copy in the original folder, and 1 copy in the Odrive folder).

I was doing this simply as a way of making copies onto the Amazon Cloud Drive without making extra local copies. I hope this makes sense? :frowning:

Not using Pro Sync.

In that case you should be able to proceed with the same method. Once you re-install odrive and login, all of the files you already uploaded to ACD will be viewable as placeholders and you can just continue copying over in small sets, where you left off. Does that make sense?

awesome!!! Thanks!