Mac sync from External Hard Drive to Amazon Drive

I am using a trial of odrive (that I believe has access to premium services). My primary reason for using this service is to provide a sync service (similar to dropbox) to enable me to sync my files on both my computer and external hard drives to Amazon Drive. I have alot of files on external hard drives and I want to back them up and use them across machines and locations. I need to be able to do this with both windows and mac machines.

The installed app for Mac does not appear to offer the capability of syncing anything outside of a specified folder created by odrive.


Hi @bronwyn.orsatti,
odrive has a Premium feature (available during the Premium trial period) called “sync to odrive”. This feature allows you to sync external folder to remote storage. You can read more about that here:

This is a sync feature, as opposed to traditional backup, so that is something to keep in mind if you are wanting to have a more traditional backup solution against a very large set (or sets) of data. We are working on a traditional backup solution, but it has not been released yet. I posted some of my thoughts on sync vs backup here, if you are interested: Backup (one-way sync)