MAC Hard Drive Space Not Changing When Files are Un-synced

I have un-synced a large number of files totaling a large amount of sick space, but Finder on my MAC does not show a change in disk space. Does anyone have suggestions as to how to get an accurate estimate of free disk space on a mid-2012 MacBook Pro with an SSD?

Hi @jmfildes,
If the unsync was successful then you should definitely see a drop in disk space, as long as the unsynced files were on that disk.

Can you provide a couple of screenshots of what you are looking at and what you expect?

An easy way to determine the amount of disk that odrive is using for the odrive folder is to open a terminal window (type ‘terminal’ in spotlight search) and then enter this command and hit enter:
du -h ~/odrive

When you unsync, that final total should drop.