Mac Client w/ Amazon Drive not syncing (uploading) new files in folder

Version: 6271 (Mac) with Amazon Drive.

  1. I have a local folder which is synced with Amazon Drive. Files have been uploaded to it successfully in the past (every time I copied new files from my SD Card to the local folder, the ODrive client uploaded them successfully).
  2. Now, when I add new files, it doesn’t recognize them (doesn’t sync them) and thinks they’re already uploaded! (shows the “Unsync” menu option when I right-click the file). When I try to “Copy share link”, it fails.
  3. I tried creating a new text file at that folder - didn’t upload it as well.
  4. I tried reopening the odrive client - also didn’t work.

Hi @budowski,

Do you see those files in odrive tray-menu (not allowed or waiting lists)? would you please send diagnostic report from odrive tray menu and provide us the path of file (any) not getting sync. I’ll take a look


Thanks for the quick reply! I’ve sent those diagnostics just now (local time: April 18th, 6:47pm GMT+1)
There are no files in the “not allowed” / “waiting” lists…

And by the way, the testing text file I created was named “test.txt”, under the folder

I have looked at the diagnostic report and it seems like you are currently hitting user rate limit enforced by Amazon cloud storage.

I would recommend you to wait and keep the odrive running, your files will eventually sync up since these are transient errors and odrive will retry the upload.

Please let us know if problem persists


Woah, didn’t know that existed - so it’s a daily bandwidth limit? Do you happen to know the number for it? (couldn’t find it online from a quick search)

To clarify, rate limit is different from bandwidth throttling. Amazon rate limit is enforced on no. of requests, It is variable, Amazon can enact it if a user is sending too many requests within a period of time (undefined).

Amazon can also arbitrarily change the general limits if they are experiencing heavy loads on the backend. For example: it’s possible that this being “tax day” could be stressing their systems more than usual. so they’ve tightened the limits


Amazon Drive seems to be heavily rate-limiting today. It appears to be a general problem. We have reached out to them about it.

We will update the below announcement as soon as everything is get back to normal level.


I waiting for the good news from Amazon Drive. Thank you odrive. :slight_smile: