Limit Account to B2 Bucket

Is it possible to limit an account to a specific B2 Bucket? We use Backblaze and I would like to setup people to use a bucket as a DropBox replacement but I don’t want them accessing all of our buckets which have secure company data in them. I realize it’s kind of a problem with B2 that there is only a single key to every bucket your organization has. But I was hoping that oDrive would provide a means of only linking one bucket when adding a storage space.

Hi @im.thatoneguy,
Our current B2 integration code does not support uploads, so it is read-only. You may already know this, but I wanted to make sure as this could significantly impact the use case.

As for user access, it would be possible to achieve this type of access for your users via odrive Spaces. You can designate certain areas of your storage for access by other users. Take a look at this page for more details:

Thanks, I was unaware that you couldn’t upload to B2 so that would be an obstacle. :smiley: Spaces looks like a decent work around. Is the upload limitation with B2 a short term WIP or out of scope for the near term roadmap?

Hi @im.thatoneguy,
We plan to support uploads, but this enhancement is currently queued behind a few things. We will be sure to announce when we have it, though.