Large package file not uploading from OS X

Hi there odrive folks!

I have a large package file (154 GB) that I placed into my odrive sync folder for Amazon Cloud Drive a few days ago. Unfortunately, I see no indication that odrive is uploading this folder. I’ve uploaded large package files previously, of a similar size, a few months ago. Is there anything I can do to try to kickstart this upload?

I’ve restarted, moved the package out of the sync folder and back again, etc.


That’s weird.

When you look at the odrive system menu, does it show the item in “not allowed” or “waiting”?

To force odrive to take another look at a folder, use “right-click refresh”. I would expect a pink badge to appear over the new package file.

Can you also try adding a few smaller files into the same folder? Let’s confirm basics are working.

Thanks Peter. I was able to add another folder just fine (100 MB), and the sync started immediately on those files. Once they finished, I did a refresh on the parent folder of those two. This ran quickly, clearing all the checkmarks there, then showed them again. However, still nothing on the large package.

Also, no ‘waiting’ or ‘not allowed’ in the menu.

Any other suggestions?

To clarify, is the “large package” a folder or a mac package file? If it’s a package file, what kind is it?

If it’s a package file, the structure might be super complex. I would recommend zipping up the package into a single file to eliminate the structural complexity.

It’s a package, an “iMovie Library” package to be precise. The structure is pretty simple: hierarchical by project with no file or folder aliases.

Having it zipped wouldn’t be ideal since the individual movie files will not be accessible then (via web interface).

The only oddity I see is that there is a 0 byte Sync file in the root of the package. I tested removing that, but still no difference.

So, right now I’m taking a half of the library at a time and copying out to another (regular) folder. I’ll see if the files within the package cause any sync issues and report back.

The 0 byte sync file is not from odrive and should not make any difference. Let us know if you can get the files up inside a regular folder.


OK, figured out what was causing this. There was an extended attribute for on the “iMovie Library” and as soon as I deleted the attribute the sync kicked off. Didn’t think that would affect the odrive sync agent, but at least it’s working now!


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Interesting. Thanks for the info.

Was it set to quarantine because the file was downloaded from the web? Or did something else set the flag?

Honestly, not sure how that got set. The library has been transferred across to three different drives over the past few years, but never downloaded from anywhere.

So I assume some other process at some point in the past set that attribute. Perhaps a handy thing to have in a knowledge base article? :blush:

Can you elaborate on what file you removed? I’m having a continues sync issue with my iMovie Libraries. Thanks!

It actually isn’t a file that needs to be removed, but rather the extended attribute on the Library itself.

You’ll need to do this from the Terminal. In order to see extended attributes, add the “@” character to the ls switch:
ls -la@ "iMovie Library"

You’ll then see the attributes listed below the file, something like:
drwx------@ 3 owner staff 102 Aug 26 2015 iMovie Library 21

Then, in order to delete the attribute, use the xattr command like so:
xattr -c "iMovie Library"

Once I did that, the Library started syncing just fine. Hope that helps!

Hi! Thanks for the reply!

Hmm not seeing this attribute. I have multiple libraries, maybe my issues is different?

I also recommend checking any files just inside the iMovie Library (from the terminal, simplay cd into the Library itself). I may have had to do both the Library and a couple of files inside of it, if memory serves me correctly.


Thank you for all the help!

I’ve managed to delete most of the files causing this issue. Now I’m down to no longer syncing files over and over. I still have a problem with odrive trying to check the same folder over and over though. I’ll send another report.

Great to hear! I wanted to cross-reference this post from the other thread. I have seen this a few times now with these fcpcache folders:

We’ve also globally blacklisted .fcpcache files since it doesn’t make sense to try and sync them. (See the release announcement here).