Laptop has 3 odrive subdirectories, web interface has 3 different directories--what went wrong?

My laptop has three subdirectories under the odrive directory–assume this the three cloud storage accounts I am connected to and syncing. When I look at my odrive account with the website interface, I see three acocunts, but not the same.

Latptop with sync:
OneDrive – name one
One Drive – name two

OneDrive – name one
One Drive – name two
One Drive – name three

Looks like the “OneDrive” account is not syncing and in fact odrive says it is “not allowed” in the task bar menu.

What have I messed up and how can I correct things?


Are OneDrive – name one and OneDrive – name two working as expected?
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu please?


Yes, OneDrive – name one and OneDrive name two seem to be working as expected.

I just sent you the diagnostic.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I took a look and it appears that odrive thinks the OneDrive folder was added locally instead of remotely. Since the \odrive folder cannot have any local data added to it (there is no storage backing it).

Try moving the OneDrive folder out (or just deleting it if there is nothing in there that isn’t already in the cloud) and then performing a right-click->odrive refresh on the odrive folder.

I moved that folder to my desktop–have to look through it a bit to see if I have copies of that content stored elsewhere.

After moving the folder odrive seams to behave normally–no "Not Allowed’ errors anymore. Also syncing appears to be working as described/expected.

Will continue testing.

Thanks for the help.

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