Just found a folder where only 173 of thousands of files actually synced

I just went into a folder that used to have thousands of files in it before I synced via odrive, and now there are only 173 files. Obviously, when I unsynced them previously it should have warned me that they weren’t synced. Is there any way to see why this happened? Is there a log file where I can check that files have actually synced?

Quite a bit frustrated,

Hi @nabeards,
I am really sorry to hear this. We consider data safety our top priority and try to do everything we can to prevent any data loss.

odrive’s normal behavior is to show a screen like this one if you try to unsync a structure that has files that have not yet been synced to the cloud.

If you choose to go ahead with the unsync, odrive will move any unsynced files to the OS trash, like this:

Can you clarify the behavior you saw?

If this happened recently you can send over a diagnostic and I can take a look to see if it reveals anything. Please provide the folder path and name, as well.

Thanks Tony, a bit of a bummer but I fortunately have another copy of these files.

I’m aware of the warning screen, and wouldn’t have unsynced if it had come up. I would have unsynced these files about 6 months ago, so not recently at all unfortunately.

This is the first time I’ve seen this happen with odrive, so it was a bit of a surprise. I wasn’t sure if there were any way to grab old logs to see what may have happened, but if not I can just move forward.


Thanks for the follow-up and clarification @nabeards.

If this happened that long ago you would have actually seen a different message. The previous message was not nearly as verbose and didn’t mention an example file like in the above screenshot. We changed it to be much more explicit after finding that some folks were not understanding what was happening, or just automatically clicking the box because the message was small and looked “innocuous” at first glance. It’s possible that this was the case with you, as well. My sincere apologies for that.

We have more verbose logging coming soon that will be user-facing, although even that logging would’ve likely rolled-over after a several month span. We are also refining the experience so that it is easier to tell when you have unsynced content in a folder and implementing additional safeguards around inadvertent deletions through unsyncs.

I’m sorry I can’t help more, but I am very glad to hear that you have backups of these files.

I definitely remember the simpler version of the warning, and I wouldn’t have clicked to delete those files. However, I definitely agree that some sort of user error could have caused the issue in this case. That was my hope in having some sort of logging so I could determine what had happened.

Looking forward to the updates coming down the pipeline!


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