Junk files appear in directories where files are transferred via FTP

I am accessing my computer’s files remotely using FTP. It would appear that there are several junk files are generating in the directories where files are being transferred. I use other FTP clients to connect with my machine at home and none of them generate temp files like this. I have attached a snapshot of the files in question.

I’ve been deleting these manually… Is there some way to prevent odrive from junking up my directories with these files? If I access the computer remotely odrive does not show these files in explorer via FTP, but they’re there on the source machine.

These temporary files are created on upload to certain services, like FTP. They should be cleaned-up/renamed once the upload is complete. There is a possibility for them sticking around if a file cannot complete through the upload flow entirely. Since all of these files are the same size, I am wondering if this was the result of one particular file have issues uploading fully.

Do you see these sticking around when you do some simple upload tests?