Issues with Upload limit and stop unsync

I limited uploading speed through (Set bandwidth throttling) - but is not working. My upload it is in top.
When I click stop on folders that odrive its uploading…is not working…its uploading, and upoading…

Hi @videoandesign,
Sorry for the confusion here. There are some known issues with throttling effectiveness in our current version. We are addressing them in the next major release.

These issues are most noticeable when you first start odrive. It should taper back to once its been running for a while. However, we have also seen throttling now work as well on fast connections ~100Mb/s and above.

Right-click->Stop on a folder is mostly meant to stop downloads. odrive will always try to upload unsynced files unless you issue a global “Stop automatic sync” from the odrive menu (found under “Syncing changes” in the above screenshot.