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Odirve is an excellent idea but in win 10 (1607) it does not open any program like in the images and rename the folders and files with the extension .cloud and in version 5597 when I uninstalled and delete the account in odrive I lost all the files in the folder I tested , Which was not logically important and I have backup, the program did not rename for the original extension and the rename manually did not open the files anymore, from photos to pdf and docx. A pity sincerely and I hope you solve the problem. One more thing to install the latest version (6014) appeared two other gdrive accounts that I had tested in the previous version, the detail is that I took the odrive permission in the three cloud accounts that I put, gdrive and dropbox.

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Hi @zypb3fx,
Thanks for reaching out.

  1. Seeing .cloud or .cloudf files is normal, and part of the expected functionality of odrive. These cloud files are representations of your remote data. You can read more about this here:

Double-clicking or right-click->sync on a .cloud file or a .cloudf folder will allow you to sync down the files from the cloud. Was this part not working for you?

  1. When you uninstall odrive, it will remove the program and rename the odrive folder to "odrive_backup_[current date and time]. It is specifically implemented so that no data will be removed. Can you explain what you saw? Is there a backup folder in your user directory?

  2. For the last part, I don’t quite understand. You saw the old Google Drive folders in the new odrive folder? Can you provide some additional details on this?


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