Issue when uploading to Google Drive on full drive

Hi. Going to keep this short:

My odrive ended up uploading something short of 2TB this month, which I didn’t notice until, well, it was too late. Thank god for unlimited bandwidth.

Odrive does NOT detect when a google drive is full DUE TO THE BIN. My gdrive had about 5GB/15GB in it but about twice that in the bin, which prevented odrive from adding any new files. However, I believe, odrive detecting there wasn’t 15gb in the actual gdrive, kept trying to reupload thing to the gdrive, causing the loop.

Not sure this is the right place for this, hoping the devs will get a whiff of this. If not, oh well. As I said, unlimited bandwidth.

Hi @maxime.gauthierfarle,
Thanks for the report. We will investigate.