Is there any way to unsync a file/folder in the free version?



I appreciate that odrive has to make money somehow, and the Finder integration for this is a killer feature, but selective sync is a standard feature of every cloud storage system I use. Having automatic unsync, and potentially even individual file unsync, be a paid feature absolutely makes sense, I have no argument there, but making the entire unsync functionality part of a $99 annual subscription is ridiculous and is what is preventing me from giving you any money at all. Clearly odrive felt this way as well, considering the brief existence of the Unsyc tier when the feature first moved from free to paid.

I don’t need any of the advanced functionality of the Premium version except the very basic ability to stop syncing certain folders. It would even be fine if odrive merely recognized the settings within individual providers. As far as I can tell, though, the only way I’d be able to get rid of a folder once I’d downloaded it (even by accident) would be to completely remove every trace of odrive and reinstall, and I’m not sure that would even work.

Frankly, the free tier should have at least feature parity with the 1st-party sync clients of the services it supports, or it should be a one-time software purchase for at least that level. As is, odrive is actually less functional than even the garbage Box Sync client while costing more than a significant amount of actual storage with most of these providers.

I’m hoping I’m wrong and I’ve just misread something here. Otherwise this effectively renders odrive supremely uncompetitive, considering the prices of competing products. I’d happily pay $50 or a couple bucks a month for the basic feature set, but I can’t justify $99 paid annually for the limited feature set I’d actually use.


Hi @brlodi,
The explicit “unsync” command is not available without Premium. However, it is still possible to turn files back into placeholders. If you find yourself needing to free up space you can use these preferred methods to turn sections of your storage back into placeholders.

  1. Unsync, of course

  2. Unlink a source and re-link it to turn the whole source back into placeholders

  3. Deauthorize your odrive client (accessed in the odrive tray menu under “Authorized User”) and sign back in. This will create a backup of the current odrive directory and create a new, freshly initialized odrive folder with only placeholders.

Keep in mind that everything starts out as placeholders, by default. You probably noticed this when you first started using odrive and the odrive folder contained only .cloudf placeholder files. This means that, with free odrive, you can actually browse all of your remote storage as placeholders without needing to download anything locally, using as little space as possible, right from the start. Its only after things are downloaded and then the space needs to be freed that you require unsync.

We do appreciate the feedback, and I want to let you, and others that may read this thread, that we understand there are folks that only need a subset of the features we offer, like Unsync. We are discussing other options for subscriptions, so these ideas are on the table.

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Nice to know i’m not the only one that thinks this. odrive are definitely missing a trick with this unsync feature.
A few people paying say $29.99 for unsync is surely better for the shareholders than several people being put off and paying zero.

Come on odrive, give us unsync as a Pro feature and leave the other stuff for Premium.



To offer a contrasting view on this topic: Unsync is in my opinion the most compelling reason to pay for Premium, and premium is priced very reasonably for what you get. Keep your pricing model simple, and keep unsync a premium feature – at 60$ a year, it’s a totally reasonable price and totally worth it!


Reasonable price for premium? Do you know what you are talking about? It s reasonable price with cloud storage included. If I pay cloud storage 60 euros and another 60 only for unsinc feature, I need to pay 120 euros anualy. Its too expansive, I think. Especially that I am using only unsinc feature in Odrive, and nothing more from premium. Plus, paying regulary for my cloud services.


totally agree with this! I do not need any of the other features so cannot justify spending what odrive are asking when I could buy another 1tb of dropbox storage for the same price.

Would happily pay a one off fee of $29.99 just to be able to unlink my files when I need to. But at the moment I won’t be spending a penny.



Hi @luke,
We are working on a new set of plans that will allow a more a la carte style of subscription, where unsync will be available at a lower price point instead of needing to purchase all of the features in one go. Delivery of these plans is dependent on the release of our next major version, which we are trying to get out as soon as we can.


Sounds great Tony, I look forward to it.


@Tony - will it be possible for people who buy the Premium tier now to transition to the a la carte model once it’s released?


Hi @mustgroove,
Yes. You will be able to do this.


Same here… I explored using oDrive about a year ago and abandoned it because $9/m is too much just to for the revert to a placeholder feature. It seemed utterly pointless without that. Came back wondering if things improved/changed, but looks like I’ll just use SSHFS for what I need.

SASS pricing is hard, everyone has opinions and are sure they know best, but only testing really proves anything.

I do understand having a premium tier for the some features and actually think you could price it even higher than $9/m for individuals for those. People that do care about those features are likely willing to pay even more than that for them. Personally I don’t actually care about those features because I just want it for purely personal use. If I needed to for team or professional use that’d be a hugely different story.

Again, SASS pricing is hard I totally get that… but personally I would go one of two ways:

  1. ditch the free option all together and offer a cheap ($2-3/m) plan that included unsync to placeholder. That’s cheap enough to continue getting people signing up for purely personal use, and to be wildly adopted and help get you towards critical mass/popularity.
  2. keep the free option but remove sharing from it as well. The create a middle tier with sharing and unsync in a cheap ($2-3) plan, continue offering customize sync and encryption at $9/m.

Here’s the problem with #2 above… without unsync the product is pretty much useless in solving the problem so I don’t see any point in bothering to keep that free options besides “we won’t block you from accessing things down the road”, but people always have the native methods to access cloud data so… :shrug:


Hi @jbrown510,
Thanks for the feedback. I can say that your thinking is not too far off from what we are planning to put into place. I can’t say too much more than that, at this point, but all will be revealed when we release.


I don’t see why unsync shouldn’t be completely free. It’s preposterous to link all my cloud storage and assume that it would all fit on my local device at once. Maybe automatic unsync can be part of a paid tier, but manual unsync cannot cost a penny… There absolutely must be some way of doing this that isn’t a workaround… I can’t remove the entire drive and add it again every time I access a folder with large files… I will be forced to either do this or find an alternative service.

I will not pay even a few dollars a month for the right to delete some files from my computer. That’s ridiculous!!!

I might be convinced to pay a one-time fee for that, but I would view it as a cost for ordrive free plan. (A free plan should be free or not be called free.) The software is completely and utterly useless without unsync as an option.


The pricing model is ridiculous. I only need the sync/unsync feature from odrive but it’s in premium package. But that $99 annually price for one feature can hardly be justified.


New subscription options will be available. See my comment above:


So the unsync feature will ALWAYS be a paid feature?
The Free lists this with the stub files. I cannot have stub files unless I unsync.

I think it’s time for me to go back to the old way of doing things. I was under the impression that unsync was a free feature.

Also good to see that odrive deletes all my files when it gets done with it’s premium trial. It makes me sorry I even tried this program out.


Hi @maverynthia,

Everything starts out as placeholders, by default. You probably noticed this when you first started using odrive and the odrive folder contained only .cloudf placeholder files. This means that, with free odrive, you can actually browse all of your remote storage as placeholders without needing to download anything locally, using as little space as possible, right from the start. Its only after things are downloaded and then the space needs to be freed that you require unsync.

Was this on an Encryptor folder? That is the only time that any folders would be removed. It is a by-product of the Encryption feature turning off when the switch is done from Premium Trial to Free. No cloud data is actually deleted, but the local, decrypted files inside an Encryptor folder will be removed. This can definitely cause some confusion and I apologize if this happened to you. It is something we are planning to handle better in the future.


Hello @Tony

Is there any update on this issue?
I’m still unable to get a cheaper version for an unsync feature.

Paying 100 Dollars (yearly) is just too much for the unsync feature. I cannot justify paying 8 dollars a month for that.

Besides this I’m loving the software and wouldn’t mind paying a flat fee, or a reasonably monthly fee for the placeholder, sync, unsync and multiple cloud services integrations.


Hi @MRMatthew
We don’t have the new stuff yet, but we will make sure everyone knows once we do. Thanks for your patience!


Hey @Tony Do you have an ETA?

(Could I also ask you to edit the @ for me? Thanks :grin:)