Is there a monthly subscription option for Premium?



Hi @davidm82,
Please see the thread above.


That thread effectively ended in March (6 months ago). So I am adding my support for Monthly billing here since there is not an indicator as to what the new models will be and this thread seems to be listening. Love the product, hate the pricing model.


Too little too late. I’m cancelling my subscription. I’ve been waiting all year for this amazing new version.


Bummer. I just finished up a project where I generated a bunch of PSD files and noticed how nice it would be to unsync those from my laptop when I finished. So I clicked-through on the upgrade stuff and found my only option was annual. So not interested as I’m already on the fence with the SaaS model vs. something like Goodsync that’s a one-time app purchase.

So just another note, alter your pricing scheme and you get a paid sub. Just the lack of updates on this thread has somewhat lowered my opinion of this company - it costs nothing to keep your customers updated.


Hi @amazon12,
I appreciate the engagement.

We will have monthly subscriptions, but they are tied to the next version of odrive, which is still in ongoing development. The new development spans desktop clients, backend services, web client, mobile clients, and the odrive business model, so the scope is very large. We are continuing to march through that development as fast as we can.

My apologies for the inconvenience.


OK, got it. Hopefully you’ll have something soon. I still don’t get why in the meantime you can’t offer a monthly option. But hey, feel free to turn down my money. :slight_smile:


For the last year or so I’ve seen quite a few posts regarding your VIP plan and you’ve mentioned your updating it with more pricing options for those who just want to use selective sync without the other premium features.

I’ve been checking the forum and waiting but I thought I’d ask if you have any updates regarding this?

Please understand from a consumer perspective, your client is great I love it but for those ‘home users’ paying $8/mo is kinda crazy, especially considering my cloud pricing is under $5/mo. I believe the current plan is aimed at business users or those with multiple storage options and it seems a logical price but please don’t forget you also have many home users!

I know you probably have a good idea on what your going to change and how you’re going to do it, I did have an idea regarding a solution just in case you’re still reviewing options and thought what’s the harm in sharing it! The idea was to possibly have a ‘lite’ VIP option which has strict restrictions but is affordable. For example the ‘lite’ plan is for those using only one storage solution (features only work for one selected provider) with possibly a time based cool down to change the option in case users migrate files and of course without the encryption.

Don’t get me wrong we understand running a business isn’t cheap and the servers/resources you must use for day-to-day operations is probably quite excessive, I’m no business expert so it’s more of an opinion but making the product cheaper never necessarily means less money, it opens the door to many new clients and the best advertisement on the market, word of mouth!

Sorry for the long post, just wanted to post something constructive as I love the project and would like to support it.


Hi @markg095,
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. If you haven’t already seen them, take a look at these two posts with go through what to expect with the next generation of odrive, reasons it is taking so long, and the current status.

With the next generation of odrive we will be offering more flexibility and options for premium features and we are continuing to march forward with development on that.


Is the new odrive or plans ever going to be released? With the new software from google drive backup and sync and real-time access to google drive with my G suite account it makes it tough to stick around here.


8 Days. No reply. I guess this is a sign?


Hi @nholloman,
Sorry for missing your previous post. The new odrive and accompanying plans will be released. We are getting close to a preview/beta release point and will announce when we have more information to provide.