Is there a monthly subscription option for Premium?



Hey guys first off I would like to say that I think odrive is awesome. I Signed up for a pro account a few months ago which actually ended up being a few weeks before the plans all changed to the new ones which are 8.25 a month annually. The pro account I signed up for is 10.00 a month, monthly. I would like to request that you guys offer an option to pay monthly for the new plan. Instead of 8.25, I would totally be happy to continue paying the 10 bucks a month as a convenience to not have to pay up front for annual.


Hi @nholloman,
Right now we only have the one annual option for a subscription and we don’t have any immediate plans to introduce additional subscription options. We are listening, though, and we know there are users, such as yourself, that would like a monthly offer. We are currently working through some ideas in this area.

Thanks for reaching out, and thanks for being a loyal odrive user!


hey i’m just dropping by to give my periodic request to have premium be 10 bucks a month, monthly. I am so impressed with odrive and am using it to keep two hard drives in sync over the internet between my dad’s house and mine. However the sync settings to download everything for new files and folders cannot be saved on his folders without the premium subscription. so…i have to log in to his computer and manually make it sync and download everything periodically. not fun… please please please allow me to convert my 10 dollar month pro subscription to premium. i need some of these features and am actually paying more for less features. i pay every month religiously but cannot do the yearly purchase yet so please consider this. please.


Appreciate the feedback and the kind words about odrive.

I understand where you are coming from here. We are looking at some changes in this area in the coming months and I will present your feedback to the team for discussion.


Lack of monthly billing is the only reason I don’t have premium at the minute. I would dearly like a monthly billing option.


It kind of boggles my mind that this isn’t already an option. Monthly subscriptions are pretty much the way of things right now. Full-year contracts are just ugly, unattractive things.


Yep. I know exactly what you are saying. Whole heartedly agree.


We are working hard to deliver our next big release which will offer more attractive and convenient upgrade options to our end-users. I cannot promise the delivery date but currently it is one of the highest priority item at our end which may take 8-10 weeks.

Thanks you all for your feedback, Please stay tuned…!



Every month I check, and every month there is still no monthly premium account. The person at Odrive who thinks it is a good idea not to offer a monthly premium account…is wrong.


Hi @davidwebuk,
New plans are coming, but they are tied to the significant development work we are focusing on. See this post for more info:

Feedback: why odrive is not for me

same comment as above.
why no monthly subscription?
that’s the only reason that stopping from upgrade.


Monthly subscription options is something we plan to offer with the new release.


great to hear that. :slight_smile:
any timeframe right now?


This is the best answer I have, at this time


i want to pay monthly not yearly


Hi @741,
Please see the thread above for info regarding this.


I’ve only just installed and started using ODrive and it does have some great features but, I think it’s excessively high. The annual cost is more than I am paying for Microsoft Office which provides 5 licenses, 1TB cloud for each license, and the full Office suite.

Are there any plans to lower or discount the service? At this rate, I doubt I use ODrive for anything other than the free features…


Hi @skineedog,
Please see the thread above. New plans are coming with the release of our next major revision. Its a long time coming, but it will be worth the wait. The new plans will allow a la carte purchase vs having to subscribe to everything and we plan to offer a monthly subscription option.


Well, i for one don’t have an issue with annual vs monthly. It’s the overall current cost. I’ll certainly be keeping my eye on ODrive for a more attractive offering. The unsync feature is an awesome feature and I would be more than happy to pay for it but not $99 annually for that feature alone.

Thanks for the super fast reply. Customer service is also a feature I’d pay for…


Is there any more plans for odrive other then yearly like monthly