Is there a command line utility?


Is there a Windows Command Line utility that I can use in my .BAT file to STOP a certain folder from syncing?

I need it because I need to:

  1. Stop syncing process for THAT folder
  2. Empty the folder
  3. Copy newer files to the folder
  4. Start the syncing process again



We have Agent that can be used for scripting and command-line ops. It won’t do exactly what you are describing, but can you tell me what it is you are trying to ultimately accomplish. There may be other ways.


Hey Tony,

Like I said:




Hi Patrick,
Heh… yes I read that, but it doesn’t tell me what you are actually trying to accomplish in terms of a use case.

What your desired steps would result in is the files that were emptied would be seen by odrive as deleted and then put into the odrive trash. Stopping sync would not affect this since it would be picked up when you started sync again. When the trash was emptied, the files would be deleted from the storage source you are targeting. It would then sync the new files that were placed in there. If the files that were placed inside had the same name as the files that were removed, before the trash was emptied, then they would be updated on the storage source and the deletes nullified. In any case, stopping and starting sync won’t change the outcome. It will only delay it (but maybe that is what you are looking for?)

Is this the behavior you want? If so it technically can be done. You could use agent to create this behavior:

In this case you would use odrive agent to target your specific directory on the local side and the remote directory. This local folder would need to separate from the folders that the odrive desktop client is accessing. Agent is an independent engine and having two engines targeting the same data can produce unexpected results.

Once you have it setup, you would drop your first dataset into the local folder. That would be synced. You can then stop the agent process, which will stop sync on that local folder, remove the items in there, drop the new set in, and start agent again. Agent will pick up the missing files as deletes, put them into the odrive trash, and sync the new set.

If this is not what you are looking for, it would be helpful to tell me what the use case and desired end result (on both the local and remote side) is.