Is it possible to pause sync for on service

I’d like to pause autosync for one service. For example I want to pause autosyncing with Dropbox until I restart it. But I’d like to keep syncing with my NAS.

Thanks for the advice.

Hi @coach,
It is not possible to pause auto-sync for a specific storage link. You can only pause globally.

This would be a great feature to add. :slight_smile:

I would just remove the service and re-add it later when I wanted to start syching again. But that would also remove the local files from my machine right?

Is there a clever way to remove a service and leave the files in place on the local machine(s) — and then when I re-add the service it wouldn’t have to download everything again.


Hi @coach,
It is not ideal, but an unofficial way would be to place a tilde character ~ in front of a folder to prevent it from being “seen” by odrive. odrive will actually think you have deleted the folder, so it will show up in the odrive trash (in the odrive menu) until you remove the tilde.

If you go this route you want to make sure you do not have any auto-trash rules set and you do not empty the odrive trash for the duration that the folder has been renamed.

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