Is it Possible to Manually throttle odrive even more?

I’m trying to use O Drive to sink about 100 GB up to Amazon. With the amazon uploader I could set about 2 files with 300K and my network was usable. I have about 2-5 devices in use at any time. With just the main 2 on and odrive running with limited I suck up enough of my bandwidth that my SSH sessions over the internet start lagging out. Is there a way I can manually limit things more? I’d like to upload during the day with odrive.

But right now it seems my only option is to start an unlimited sync at night and stop it when I get on during the day. That or use the amazon uploader and then manually copy and let things sync up.

Also, I have a second copy of this data on another machine, is it safe to rsync all of the .cloud files to that machine so odrive can know they already exist in the cloud? I only plan on doing that once and then let odrive keep the two checkouts synced.

Hi @zaleskibills,
So even with the setting set to “limited” it is too much? Which OS are you running?

We are actually currently working on our next rev of sync with a complete rewrite of throttling, which will offer much more control over things. Unfortunately this isn’t available yet and won’t be for a while.

Can you elaborate on this? You can’t copy over .cloud files, but you can install odrive on the other system and then use odrive to manage the local data, but I would need some additional info to understand exactly what you want to do.

I’m using windows where I’m having the throttling issue. I end up with 4-8 uploads (processes or threads) running, each one seems to end up taking about 300K.

I was just thinking about manually copying extra files from my windows machine to my linux machine to clue odrive in that the folders were already synced, but that’s probably not really needed.

Thanks for clarifying. Throttling enhancements are coming and will alleviate the issue you are running into.

Have you tried odrive Agent for your Linux box?