Instead of making conflict files, check if file is open?

Using OneNote on a notebook synced by Odrive, if I leave Odrive open, I’m frequently shoved out of my notebook by Odrive making conflict files, which I guess is an affront to OneNote.
That’s incredibly annoying when files are password protected (because I can’t find ONE single file encryption tool that will encrypt, whilst also not pissing off OneNote), because it immediately then locks the file, whilst simultaneously losing everything I was just typing, and losing data is pretty much the exact opposite of Odrive’s mission.

So, instead of creating a conflict file, (which isn’t really very helpful in really any situation that I’ve encountered, to be honest) why not try a solution akin to Handle, check if the file is indeed held open by some program, and then either add it to a list to watch and wait for it to be freed up, or notify me that this file is currently not uploadable?

Really, basically any action other than immediately conflicting the file would be useful, some kind of notification, prompt that I can apply a folder/subfolder/generic globalisation to, even just not conflicting it IN that same folder, for example, a conflict folder/file archive somewhere else.
In fact, making it conflict to a conflict folder at the root of that particular storage service (with the same folder structure perhaps?) would be the best immediate stopgap solution, whilst a better solution is found.
The storage is taken up either way, so it’s not really like there’s a loss there anyway, and Odrive could even clean up that folder when/if the file becomes available to upload again.

Something along those lines would probably resolve most conflict issues, and bring others down to a much more manageable level (looking at you, “filename(conflict)(conflict)(conflict)(conflict)(conflict)” situations…).


Thanks for the suggestion. We actually monitored file handles, once upon a time, but had issues with it and decided to shelve it.

We have been discussing conflict handling, of late, and are considering the option to turn off conflict file creation (user choice). Versioned storage services make conflict files less necessary. Also, in many cases, conflict creation for primarily single-user storage setups can end up with a good portion of conflict being created when the user doesn’t really need them to be.

In addition we will be making enhancements to our conflict detection which will reduce false positives.

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I like odrive very much but I would like this to be resolved as well.
Im a designer and I use Sketch all the time and its a habit of me to cmd+s every few seconds this (conflict) issue is really annoying.

This is for the moment the only downside Ive found.
@Baron_von_Whimsy 's idea seems to work.


+1 on this. Whenever I save files within Sublime text I get conflicts which I then need to manually delete it gets frustrating. Note that Sublime, SumatraPDF do not block files so maybe another solution would be better, for instance in User selectable time delay for syncing some frequently updating files there is a proposal to delay sync. Why not sync files/folder with X+modified where X is a user configurable number of minutes or seconds (you could set the default to 0 to replicate current behavior). You could even make it part of the per folder sync settings. I cannot speak for others, but immediacy of syncing is not something I need.

@Tony any update here? Out of the many files we sync via odrive we have been syncing active Premiere Pro project files. Over the last month or so we started getting massive amounts of conflict files, basically whenever saves of open files happen to close together. Prior to a month ago we would only see conflict files every now and again.

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