Installed on my pc running Windows 7. Won't launch

It won’t launch from the start menu. It tries to, but nothing happens. The icon does show up in my taskbar, but won’t launch when I double click it from there. Nothing happens when I right click it either. FWIW, the icon in the taskbar is gray, not white. I also can’t find One drive folder in Windows Explorer, either.

Hi @suginami,
Please open a command prompt and then copy and paste this command into it and hit enter:

powershell -command "&{$bindir=\"$HOME\.odrive\bin\";$bin=$(ls \"$bindir\" | sort Name -desc | select -f 1).FullName;ls \"$bindir\"; Start-Process \"$($bin)\odriveapp.exe\";}"

I would like to see if anything spits out while it runs. Please copy the results and paste them here.


Directory: C:\Users\psmalley.odrive\bin

            LastWriteTime     Length Name
            -------------     ------ ----
  •     11/8/2016   7:22 AM            5997

C:\Users\psmalley>powershell -command “&{$bindir=”$HOME.odrive\bin";$bin=$(ls
"$bindir" | sort Name -desc | select -f 1).FullName;ls “$bindir”; Start-Pro
cess “$($bin)\odriveapp.exe”;}"

Directory: C:\Users\psmalley\.odrive\bin

Mode LastWriteTime Length Name

d---- 11/8/2016 7:22 AM 5997

Another Prompt window also opens with this:


This indicates it is starting up okay and running. So after this you see the odrive icon in the taskbar, but it is unresponsive to clicks?

Was odrive ever working on this system, or is this a new installation?
Do you have any anti-virus or other software running that is actively monitoring and could possibly be interfering?

Please copy and paste these commands into a command prompt on windows to run.

This first command will download the odrive CLI for windows:

powershell -command "& {$comm_bin=\"$HOME\.odrive\common\bin\";$o_cli_bin=\"$comm_bin\odrive.exe\";(New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile(\"\", \"$comm_bin\\");$shl=new-object -com shell.application; $shl.namespace(\"$comm_bin\").copyhere($shl.namespace(\"$comm_bin\\").items(),0x10);del \"$comm_bin\\";}"

This second command will query the odrive desktop status:

powershell -command "& {$comm_bin=\"$HOME\.odrive\common\bin\";$o_cli_bin=\"$comm_bin\odrive.exe\";$(& \"$o_cli_bin\" status);}"

Can you take a screenshot of what the second command shows?

Yes, whether I click the icon in the taskbar (it’s grayed out, not pink) or in the start menu, nothing launches. The icon in the taskbar is unresponsive, even if I right click it.

This is a new installation. I am running Sophos anti-virus, but it doesn’t interfere with anything else, FWIW.

Hmm. Did the last command above just hang, or did it complete without showing anything?

Can you try disabling Sophos, temporarily, and see if it makes any difference?

It just hung without showing anything.

It is working now.

When I click on the odrive icon in the taskbar, it launches the menu.

Go figure. Thanks you your help.

Hi @suginami,
Did you change anything, or did it just start working on its own?

I didn’t change anything. I just restarted the computer, and it worked.

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