Install as admin

On my work (Windows) computer I don’t have admin rights. It seems I can’t install odrive without them. Is there a portable version or some other way I can install without administrative rights at the OS level??


Currently the installer installs the base odrive files into the Program Files directory which requires elevated privileges. We do not have a portable version, although the idea is interesting.

I will try to find some time to see the impact/viability of running odrive without the admin-level install.

Do you have an admin that can run the installer for you, in the meantime?

Unfortunately no. Google drive has the same issue, but there’s a CLI version on gitlab that works well. Unfortunately that’s a one-way sync (more of an rsync) so wouldn’t be good as your offering - if I could install it.

Ahh, if a CLI interface is good for you, you can use our odrive Agent, which doesn’t require any administrative privileges.

Have you taken a look at this yet?

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