In Linux agent how can I sync an entire OneDrive folder with one command?

Hello, I have installed the odrive agent on Mint Linux 17.3 KDE 64 bit and I have it working. It appears that I must sync each individual file with an individual command. Please tell me there is a way to sync all the files in a folder with a single command. My initial goal is to sync multiple OneDrive acounts to a Linux desktop computer. If I can sync all files in a folder with one command I would purchase the “Professional” upgrade. If I must sync every file individually it is not worth the money for the subscription. ALSO, Is full Linux software similar to the Windows app in the works? Thanks.

You can take a look at this post for a way to recursively sync everything in a structure:

The odrive Agent, which is what is available for Linux, is the same Agent software available for OS X and Windows. It will continue to be developed.