Important folder missing in Dropbox

I was looking for an important file in Dropbox this morning and I discovered that an entire folder had been deleted. Since I have been using Dropbox for several years now and never had this problem before, I am assuming that ODrive is the cause. Fortunately, I was able to find and restore the folder through the Dropbox web site, but I cannot risk losing important files. I was using the free version on Windows 10 to try it out and was considering purchasing. I have uninstalled ODrive and will not be using it any longer. I cannot risk losing important files.

Hi @klclsc,
Thanks for reaching out.

This is certainly odd, especially since odrive will not send any deletes to Dropbox unless the odrive trash is emptied:

If you take a look at this page in Dropbox, you should be able to see when that folder was acted on in Dropbox:

Unfortunately, since you uninstalled odrive, it is difficult for me to investigate further. I would’ve requested a diagnostic to see if it captured the event (on the remote or local side) to give more insight.

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In the interest of honesty, I will tentatively let ODrive off the hook for the above problem. On the one hand, the Dropbox web site showed the folder as “deleted” when I looked in the dropbox trash; on the other hand there was an event in Dropbox/events that showed the folder had been moved to another location in dropbox. I found the folder and all the files in the other location. I would not have purposely put that folder in that particular location, so it had to be an accidental or inadvertent action on my part. But the other strange thing is that I found the folder in the recycle bin on the computer running ODrive. The folder contents there were not complete, of course, because I had not synced the entire folder - there were a number of .cloud files instead of the actual files.
I will think about this for a while and I may give ODrive another try at some point.

Hi @klclsc,
I really appreciate the follow-up and the additional details.

Here is what I think happened:
From the perspective of the odrive client, there was a folder that no longer existed where it was originally. odrive will try to reason out if the disappearance was actually a move or a delete. In most cases it should be able to detect the move. There are certain cases where it may not though. The most common is if the folder was moved into a location that odrive does not have expanded locally (the location, or location’s parent structure is still a .cloudf placeholder).

Thanks, again, for the follow-up

This must be what happened. The folder to which my “missing” folder was moved was indeed a .cloudf placeholder.

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