I Want to Move All My Amazon Cloud Drive's Folders and Files to OneDrive

Hello @Odrive,

I am thinking of moving all my folders and files on Amazon Cloud Drive to OneDrive without involving my computer, if possible, as my Amazon Cloud Drive (2TB) size is greater than my computer (1TB) size.

Is it possible for me to achieve that via Odrive2?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi @awoobforknowledge,
Neither odrive1 or the odrive2 beta have the ability to migrate directly from one cloud to another.

I would like to work on a utility that can help with this, however, using the CLI interface. My plan would be to create something that could download from Storage A, copy to Storage B, wait for upload to finish, then unsync the file in both places… or something to that effect.

If you would be interested in something like this, let me know.

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Yes, @Tony, I will really appreciate that.
Thanks so much.

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