I need to syn from PC to Google Drive to Amazon

I had big file in google drive, but my google drive is limited space
I have unlimited space from amazon plan
I have a pc which I syn from pc and google drive
I also syn Pc to amazon, but… there is two folder in odrive root folder
Amazon folder and Google Drive folder, does both just duplicate thing on my pc?
how to make sure google drive + amazon + my pc syn together? but not doing duplicate thing and wasting my pc storage

Hi @okezumi,
odrive treats the linked storage separately, so it is possible to have the same large file synced locally in both the “odrive\Google Drive” folder and “odrive\Amazon Drive” folder.

You can use odrive unsync to turn one or both of those files (and any other synced files you choose) into placeholders using the right-click->unsync option. You can read more about this here: https://docs.odrive.com/docs/manage-disk-space#section-unsync-old-files

If you are asking how to sync a file from Google Drive to Amazon Drive, you can’t do it directly. You would need to download the file from “odrive\Google Drive” and then copy it into odrive\Amazon Drive. After copying, you can right-click->unsync the file in “odrive\Google Drive” to free up that space.