I need to move my files from Copy into OneDrive

With Copy.com services discontinuing, I need to move all my files that are currently on Copy to my OneDrive.

Here is what I’ve done so far and what I can see/do.
I’ve installed ODrive sync on to my Mac and can see the folders there and they have a tick in a blue circle next to them.

In my Copy folder there are several (8) folders. Each of the folders are coloured blue with a pink stripe across the top and have a .cloudf at the end of them and when I click on these folders, they have 0 bytes in them.

The OneDrive folder is slightly different. There are 10 folders; some of them with the same title as those in Copy. There are three with the ticks next to them and no pink stripe and no .cloudf next to their name. They are clickable and some of the contents of these folders have the .cloudf next to them and some without and have the tick next to them.

  1. Does the .cloudf mean that these are placeholders but not saved on my computer?
  2. Does the ticked file/folder mean that the data is saved on my computer and is using up its space?
  3. What is the difference between a document/folder that ends with .cloud and .cloudf
  4. Importantly, how do I move, rather than copy, folders and files from Copy to OneDrive. Dragging and dropping doesn’t seem to work.
  5. Where can I find a comprehensive user guide for ODrive?

As I have several different cloud storage accounts, for work and personal use, I’m hoping that ODrive will be a great solution for me once I understand how it all works!

TIA for the help and advice

Hi Amanda,

The folders with blue and pink stripe across the top (.cloudfx) means the folders have not yet been sync’d (downloaded) and is just a place holder, and the .cloudx extension refers to an unsync’d file(s).

You can (right) click on the folders in Copy > Sync > Everything and be sure the check the Include subfolders box as well.

To migrate from Copy to OneDrive you will first need to synchronize all the files/folders as mentioned above to your MAC before copying to One Drive, then you can delete them from Copy once they are uploaded to the new storage provider.

Here is a link to our FAQ: https://www.odrive.com/faq but if you have any questions be sure to let us know here!

Hi Amanda, I put together a quick How-to guide outlining the process which you can see here: https://discourse.odrive.com/t/how-do-i-move-or-migrate-files-from-one-storage-provider-to-another/106

Let me know if you have any further questions!

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We also made this short video to demonstrate how to migrate from Copy to another cloud with odrive. https://youtu.be/7m0dLOnw8Q0